Welcome to my blogsite!

What is writing for me and why I (love to) write?

I have always loved writing.  I guess, I can say, even way back when I was a kid in elementary.  Next to drawing, I can better express my thoughts and feelings in writing.  I was more elaborate, eloquent, with it than speaking.  And through the years, taking in all the knowledge and experiences I have accumulated and still accumulating, I have come to realize the power of writing, which, of course, made me not only love writing, but more so, recognize its meaning and purpose.

Writing is an art, yes.  It is a form and skill of, by, for, about, beauty.  But more than that, it is a medium that bridges time (and Time) – past, present and future – and connect peoples.  It can make or break, spread love or hate, plant hope or despair…

Thus, inasmuch as it is an art form that has meaning and purpose, it is a responsibility.  A duty.

As a writer, as a person who loves to write, who finds meaning and purpose in the art, and through it, and knowing that it is a responsibility, a duty to time and peoples, I write what I believe, in mind, heart and soul.

So that, as all written form outlives its writer, I can stand by what I write because I believe, and have resolved by my duty as a writer, responsible of what I write, even beyond my lifetime. 🙂


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